How to Ski ( Basic Level )

Gliding down a mountain through virgin powder with the sun glistening on surrounding snow covered peaks, all topped with a deep blue, clear sky, has got to be one of the most incredible feelings on earth…
Here are a few tips for skiers of all levels to help you enjoy the sensation as much as I do!

How to put on Your ski boots

How to control your speed

The Snow Plough or wedge is an invaluable tool for the skier. As a beginner it will allow you to control your speed and stop for the first time.

Making a narrower snowplough will let you speed up, and making a wider snowplough will slow you down, and can even bring you to a halt.

How to turn

To start a turn all that needs to be done is put your weight on the opposite ski to the direction you want to turn. This makes the ski with more weight on it have more control over your movement than the other ski, and turns your movement more into the direction that that ski wants to travel in.

How to stand up after a crash

If you have sustained a very bad fall and you are dazed then don’t try to move, shout to call someone over for assistance. Moving could cause more harm !

To stand up, bring your skis closer to your body and keep them parallel. The skis should be at a right angle to the slope; that is, pointing across the slope.

Put one hand onto the snow and shift your weight to the skis. Push hard with your legs and stand up, using the poles as support. You’ll feel more at ease if you practice this on a flat surface in advance.