How to Get BandwagonHost Promo Code ( Hidden Secret )

The VPS of BandwagonHost is quite cost efficient. You can use BandwagonHost to build vpn, build your own website, store and so on. Although the price is fairly reasonable, there are actually many promo codes that can reduce some expenses. So how can you get the promo code for the BandwagonHost?

The BandwagonHost actually has a hidden promo code, which is hidden in the BandwagonHost’s source code. You can get a discount by using this promo code.

On the official website of the BandwagonHost, you can see that there are some servers for you to choose.

Click Go to BandwagonHost
Choose any plan you are interested, then click order.

Click Go to BandwagonHost
You will go to Product Configuration page, right click to view page source.

Click Go to BandwagonHost
Press Cmd or Ctr + F to seach for “promo code”, you will find the hidden promo code, now you can go back and click “Add to Cart”.