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Baking is like a precise chemical experiment.
Unlike the recipes of most Chinese dishes, which always contain terms like “a small amout of” or “many”, the recipes for baking is so precise that it sometimes tests the individual’s understanding and experience. Baking seems complicated, but as long as each process is accurate, you can make a delicious finished product.

Precise Weighing:

Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

Weighing in baking recipes are mostly in grams (g), so be sure to use a precision electronic kitchen scale. When weighing, pay attention to the unit of measurement in the recipe, whether it is gram or milliliter (ml). Many kitchen scales are now available for unit switching, or ingredient switching (water, milk, etc.).

When weighing the ingredient, place the container on the kitchen scale and then start the power to accurately weigh the ingredient. When you need to add another ingredient, you need to clear the weight (usually the power button) for the next weighing.The Accurate unit calculation is the key success factor of baking!

Do not Substitute Ingredient:

Many green hands who have just tried baking have suffered a lot of failures. One of the important reasons is to replace all kinds of baking ingredients at will: milk is gone, can i change to yogurt? No whipping cream, can i change to milk? And so on. It is important to know that each ingredient has its irreplaceable properties, from density to taste, and the subtle chemical and physical changes that occur during the baking process are lost.

Therefore, before testing a recipe, be sure to ensure that every ingredient is in place and strictly follow the ingredient and quantity required by the formula to ensure the correct taste of the finished dish!

Preheat Your Oven

Most ovens need at least 15 minutes to preheat fully. Plan accordingly. If you don’t preheat your oven fully prior to baking or roasting, then your food will spend more time in the oven and, as a result, will likely be dry and overcooked. Also, position the racks in the oven as directed. Pie crusts that brown properly on the lower rack emerge pale when baked on the middle rack.

Strictly Follow the Process:

In baking recipes, we often see cumbersome steps: “adding sugar in three times”, “adding eggs one by one”, etc., so that the precise execution process can never be omitted.

Adding ingredients at one time will cause irreparable failure. Therefore, please be sure to read each baking recipe carefully, and strictly follow the recipe requirements, and you will surely get the joy of each success.

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